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    KNEHO UV lacquers

    KNEHO UV lacquers

    KNEHO UV lacquers are chemically-reacting lacquer systems based on unsaturated polyesters or polyacrylates, or a combination of both. The chemical reaction is started by means of photo-initiators, which are excited by ultraviolet rays of a specific wavelength. UV lacquers are characterised by efficient, environmentally acceptable and energy-conscious manufacturing processes. KNEHO-UV lacquers are optimised in terms of their minimal solvent content and, in many cases, are even solvent-free.

    In terms of the Clean Air Act and the VOC Directive, UV lacquers have an ever-greater range of applications and are most often used in efficient roller applications. The high-quality lacquer film is obtained here with minimal application of lacquer. The spray application of UV lacquers is also widely available today. KNEHO UV lacquers are available colourless as well as in many different colours, levels of gloss and quality levels for open-and closed-pore applications.

    Product line
    KNEHO-UV lacquers

    • KNEHO-UV primer

    • KNEHO-UV colour system

    • KNEHO-UV multilayer lacquers

    • KNEHO water-based UV lacquers

    • KNEHO-UV spray lacquers

    • KNEHO-UV-Vakumatlacke

    • KNEHO-UV rolling lacquers

    • KNEHO-UV-Lacke for furniture foils

    • KNEHO-UV rolling lacquers for print and packaging