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    KNEHO water-based UV lacquers

    KNEHO water-based UV lacquers

    KNEHO WATER-BASED LACQUERS are water-based, environmentally-friendly surface solutions. Modern water-based lacquer systems are distinguished by their excellent chemical and physical resistance and meet all the requirements for a high-quality surface coating. Water-based lacquer systems are successfully used on stairs, kitchen cabinets and home furniture. The most exacting requirements can be met by the development of two-component water-based lacquers and UV-curable water-based lacquer systems.

    All waterborne lacquers and waterborne UV lacquers meet the requirements of the Ordinance on the limitation of emissions of volatile organic compounds due to the use of organic solvents in certain paints and varnishes and vehicle refinishing products (ChemVOCFarbV). Extremely environmentally-friendly handling properties are just one benefit when selecting a lacquering system. What is more, focussed drying can shorten throughput times in production and productivity can be increased at the same time.

    Product line
    KNEHO water-based & water-based UV lacquers

    • KNEHO water-based UV primer

    • KNEHO water-based UV multilayer lacquers

    • KNEHO water-based UV natural wood effect lacquers

    • KNEHO water-based UV colour lacquers

    • KNEHO water-based dipping lacquers

    KNEHO product sheets

    Product sheets for this product line are available for download soon.