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    KNEHO gives Covid the cold shoulder

    Horn-Bad Meinberg. While it’s still not clear, how long the global pandemic will keep the world in suspense, companies ask themselves how to continue from here. KNEHO, too, had to face new challenges during these times, to stay attractive and competitive und also ensure employee satisfaction. The Covid-crisis turns business models, structures and processes of companies inside-out. KNEHO doesn’t bury their head in the sand, but uses the crisis as a chance for development.

    Rethinking instead of lateral thinking – KNEHO keeps pace with the times

    “We reacted brilliantly during the first lockdown and mastered the first crisis” Tim Patrick Meier, KNEHO CEO, can say for certain a few months after the global Covid outbreak. Being thrown off by Covid-19 wasn’t in question for the Lippe-based company. The opposite is true: The portfolio was extended, new industries were created and the client structure was optimised. Very successful as it should show. KNEHO looks at least as good today as it did before the crisis, despite every challenge and restriction. In many existing markets the company, which specialises in high quality lacquer solutions, kept or even expanded its competitiveness during the last months.

    A big part of the successful development during the crisis played the more than 100 employees with their exemplary attitude and implementation of according measures. The strict compliance with the current applicable hygiene concept was of great importance for the comprehensive safety of employees. But there had to be additional masures taken, to close every Covid loophole. Internal visits, as well as client and supplier meetings, were switched to virtual, teams were equalised if possible and employees, who returned from abroad were tested immediately. Furthermore the company implemented flexible working time concepts and made home-office possible for many employees.

    “The past development strengthens our confidence, that we can pass any challenge as a team” says Meier. “Only as a team we are strong and can supply our clients with the usual quality and service.”

    Absolute customer satisfaction is everything to us.

    As the saying goes: “The client is king”. At KNEHO that’s not just an empty phrase, it’s a lived reality. Even Covid can’t change that. “Only when the client is happy, we are happy”, that’s set for Meier. “We clearly experienced during the last months, that especially during the crisis our clients put enormous confidence in us and rely on our abilty to deliver and our fast service.”

    Before the crisis is after the crisis – for KNEHO it was clear from the beginning, that high demands for a successful market position as well as excellent customer loyalty couldn’t be lowered because of the pandemic. And so the company has been preparing for the time after the crisis from the first day of the pandemic, to react to new customer demands in the best way possible. Many investment decisions in machines and employees were made for the future – some of which were already implemented – naturally always for the benefit of the employees.

    Faster and more efficient: KNEHO opts for new processes.

    Increase productivity, optimise manufacturing – this has been KNEHO’s goal for some time. Already 1 1/2 years ago, KNEHO started to implement Lean Management. In combination with a process-analysis and the resource-efficiency-analysis, many internal processes were streamlined and optimised. The claim to yourself to always be better and make progress in many areas, was a blessing for the company during Covid: “We were already able to notice the success. We will further push all the actions we have taken to relieve manufacturing and make home-office easier for our colleagues”, the CEO is certain.

    Anyone who alleges Corona didn’t leave a mark at all, will probably grow a Pinocchio-nose. As in other companies, we also had very heavy workloads in manufacturing for some time. Overtime and weekend work weren’t uncommon. But true to the motto “Together everyone achieves more” we all pulled together and ensured the positive development of the company.